Thursday, July 17, 2008

My mother and father are AWESOME!!

Me and my friend Libs like to walk to JCW's (The Burger Boys). It's down the frontage road. We wanted to take it to the next level and my mom and dad agreed!!! We got to ride our bikes to THANKSGIVING POINT TO THE MOVIE THEATER!!!!!!! We saw Get Smart. It was so funny! My favorite parts were, "Son of a hamster." and "Ran over an old lady vacation I ever had." The movie was hilarious, but kinda hard to follow. Secret agent stuff. I don't know.
Then on the way back we stopped at JCW's for dinner. What a night, what a night. Gosh. My parents are so cool. They trust me enough to cross a busy intersection and down a road with a lot of unknown drivers. We were kinda nervous about being on the big road, but we were so excited at the same time. (we got there 35 minutes early...we thought we'd be late.) I had so much fun!

Zoey 101

What in the world. Honestly I don't know what to say. Why would Nick keep this disgusting little terd on TV. I actually liked that girl Jamie Lynn until she turned into older sister Britney Spears.

Whew! (wipe forehead)

Miley Cyrus is not goth. I don't know what I was thinking. I got a magazine of her (up to date) and she is absolutely normal if not prettier. I think that the goth theme was just for one night. Even though she seemed to be like that for a month, I think that there were 80,000 photographers and new pics kept popping up throughout the month. So WHEW! What a relief! I thought Miley Cyrus was gone. She's back, no worries. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OK, my 6th grade graduation was tonight (tuesday, may 27th) at 6:00. Don't you love my teacher Mrs. Bailey? It was pretty fun. We had to dress up in our "best dress", and Austin Heap said, "But what if you don't own a dress?" HILAIRIOUS! Anyway, Mrs. Bates gave an interesting speech on your parents lifting you up and it's not about the past or the future it's about what's inside you.

There was a slideshow at the end of it of the 6th graders. I didn't think I would be in it considering I was only in school for what? 2-3 months? But I was. 3 pictures I was in. In the first one, I was at an assembly and I was just sitting there, leaning back and I was staring into space. How embarrassing. And then the other two was of me and nicole and nicole was leaning on my shoulder and I was cute though. Well, we were both cute, but I mean compared to what I thought I would look like, I was cute.

Nicole got an Acedemic Award. Yay! Kami C got a Hope of America Award. Yay! It was interesting, but fun!

After that, me, my mom, nicole and heidi went to Chili's for a graduation celebration. That was fun too, especially when we eavesdrop.

My parents are awesome. For my graduation present, they got me tickets to a BRIAN REGAN LIVE AT THANKSGIVING POINT! WHOO HOO! GO MOM AND DAD! BRIAN REGAN IS THE FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE. THE funniest. I'm not kidding. THE funniest. My mom and Heidi are very tired of hearing about that man. I will never tire of his humor. Never.

(sorry this is kinda long, but hey it's a big thing, IM A 7TH GRADER!!!)

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Baby Tora

Baby Tora is so cute. BeauBo wants Tora to sit with him in the third picture.

I took these pictures myself.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brian Regan IS AWESOME! :)

Who knows about Brian Regan? I know that my fam does (thanks to me) and libby and nicole do (thanks to me). But for all you suckers that don't know about that man, YOU SHOULD FIND OUT! He is THE FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE THAT YOU WILL EVER SEE! The greatest comedian ever in my opinion and other decent people's opinion.
Go to: and then type in brian regan.
Then click on "The Clock", or just type in "Brian Regan Standing Up Part 1".
That's my favorite. Or any other one, but those are my two favorite ones.

The different stages of miley cyrus

She does a lot here. Notice the hair. AND THE MAKEUP!

Miley Cyrus

I think that miley is going goth. my mother certainly doesn't believe that. She thinks that it's just stupid magazines. But there's pictures of her. She is pretty either way, but I would much rather have her the old her. Which Miley do you like better?

I am such a dork.

OK, my mother sent me this questionaire thing. You know, the ones that are like, How old are you? Do you drink beer? Would you go scuba diving? Where were you born? And there's like 50 Q's! Well, everytime I get those I fill out the COMPLETE opposite of me or else it's not fun. So I filled it out and sent it back to my mother and you know where it ended up??!! HER BLOG!! I WAS MAD BECAUSE FOR THE QUESTION: "Where were you born?" I PUT: A BAR! A BAR! MY MOTHER PUT THAT ON! AND PEOPLE ARE COMMENTING SAYING, "I can't believe she would say that!!!" and "Silly girl, crazy kid." and "You are so weird, I didn't think it was you! I was surprised at you!" UGGHHHH! THE NERVE OF THAT WOMAN! SHEESH!
I am such a dork.


I am so mad that David A didn't win! I couldn't watch that episode. I was covering my eyes the whole time. And when they said David Cook won by 20,000 or something votes, I about kicked the TV! What dork would vote for David Cook??!! Honestly! And, David Archuleta is so cute!!!! Why IN THE WORLD would anyone vote for that dumb dork cook. Aggravating, aggravating!

CaN yOu ReAd ThIs?

I know everyone's seen this at least once, but I just like to type it!

Heoll ervoyne, my nmae is kyaa stksoe. I am twleev yares odl. My brihtyad is Decmbeer 8, 1995. I hvae eihtg brtohsre adn sitesrs. My bbay Tora is so adroalbe!Seh deos tihs amry crwla adn we thkni taht seh wlil do taht unlit seh cna wlak. Thnkas fro radeign my bolg!!!
(you can read it if the first letter of the word is in the right spot and the rest be a mess)


Ty is my cousin Kenzie's boyfriend.
He got a scolarship to the U of U! Yay! GO TY!
Whoo hoo! yeah!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crush Craze

OK, here are some things that boys will do if they like you:
(not in any particular order)

This is from the Cosmo Girl magazine this year. (ashlee simpson is on the front) if you have this one, it is page 80. Thanks for letting me keep it Libs....:)
These are boys that sent these in to Cosmo Girl magazines.

1. Inder, age 20, Ann Harbor MI
"If a guy seems genuinely interested in what a girl's friends have to say, he definitely likes the girl and is trying to earn brownie points with her friends." (what the heck does that mean? onward with the quote) "Also, touching of any form-shoulder, lower back" (what the crap?) "-is a small signal that he'd interested. Another not-so-obvious sign: Making an excuse to pass a girl at a party, like always going to the bathroom, and smiling when he does it."

(sorry these are kinda long)

2.Nedu, 20, LA, CA
"If I like a girl, I'll sit next to her whenever I can and puff out my chest to look more buff. Or I'll pretend I don't understand something, even if I have an A in the class, so I can get some one-on-one help. Most important, I smile a lot. That's the special sign that not everyone gets!"

3.Travis, 20, Omaha, NE
"If a guy ever wants to show you something he's good at-like if he wants you to go to his football game to see his punting skills-he likes you. I've shown a girl the shuffle-board table I made and how good I am at Wii. Even if she's not interested, it's the best way I can think of to show her that I'm interested."

4.Jeremy, 22, Vermillion, SD
"Pay close attention to the guy's eyes. If he really likes you, he'll keep them locked on you. But when you look at him, he'll usually divert his eyes. It's an interesting game. Also, guys tend to get really nervous around girls they like, so if you see a guy acting fidgety, that's a huge sign that he likes you."

5.Brandon, 17, Newport Beach, CA
"It depends on the guy. He could be overly nice, or he could go with the 'joking insult' approach. He could also lock up and not speak, or be hyper. The bottom line is, if you don't notice a difference in the way you've seen him act around other people and the way he is around you, it's definitely a sign that he's into you."

6.Chris, 17, Pittsburgh, PA
"I know that when I like a girl, I usually establish an inside joke, or something quirky that we have in common, so we can laugh about it later. It could be about anything, as long as it's something the two of you have talked about before."

7.Jamie, 16, Columbus, MS
"If a guy pokes fun at you, acts crazy to make you laugh, or smiles the whole time he's talking to you, then he's into you."

My favorite is number 4.

Friday, April 4, 2008

General Conference Humor

Elizabeth, Heather and I went to the Youth General Conference. We were waiting forever for it to start. Heather was talking about how far away we were and that we should have brought binoculars with us. Libs said that she wanted some tri-noculars so that all three of us could see!
Then she told us that when she was older, she wanted to invent the oc-nocular. "Why would you do that?" Heather asked. Libs said, "Well, if me and my friends were at a concert and we couldn't see, I could get out my handy-dandy Ocnocular..." Handy Dandy? She had an answer to that one too: "Well I'd make it fold up small...(duh!)" We were all laughing until it started! Then after we went to Del Taco. It was good. I got a burrito. HALF A POUND!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Fools, Nicole!

For April Fools Day, Heidi and Mark wanted to pull a prank on Nicole. They told her that there was no school on Wednesday (the next day). Her dad said it was because of a gas leak. Nicole believed that because that day at school it was really stinky. (it smelled like someone put a rotten cheese in the heater)

My mom was on the phone with Heidi. She told my mom about the prank. Then Nicole wanted to talk to me. My mom told me to play along with whatever she said.I took the phone. Nicole said, "You know there's no school tomorrow, right?" and I said, "Yeah, didn't you know that?" She said that she's going to stay up late, and she won't do her math homework. She told me about the "gas leak". I played along. It was funny, but it was even funnier the next day at school! I went up to her and said, "April Fools, Nicole!" It was hilarious!
p.s. i still love you, nicole! you are so funny! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Did you know that in Hannah's concerts, she's been using a BODY DOUBLE?! It was only for a quick costume change. See, at the concert, Hannah would change outfits really fast. We figured it out. We saw it on the news, but we didn't notice it in the concert.
Let me tell you what happened:
Some dancer in the production put a black sheet around Hannah. It was dark in the room, so you couldn't tell. Then Hannah went into a secret door. The BODY DOUBLE came out fast, dressed in the same outfit. She had sunglasses on, and the wig was in her face, and her back was towards the audience most of the time. Hannah, (the real one) was in the secret room changing. There was some sort of que that sent the BODY DOUBLE back into the secret door and Hannah came out with a different outfit on. It made it look like Hannah could change really fast. My question is, how could the BODY DOUBLE come out and sing? She wouldn't sound like Hannah! My guess was that they recorded her singing just for that 15 seconds the fake was out there, and the fake was lip synching. I think they timed it so that when Hannah came back out, she could sing. It was not noticable at all. Someone at the concert just had a video camera and happened to get it on tape! The first video is just pictures that show it's definately NOT Hannah! The second one is the real concert tape. Watch them if you want to see the proof:

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour

This is a picture of Hannah Montana rockin' out with her guitar player!
This is a picture of Miley Cyrus. -> Up at the top to the right is Hannah.

These pics are of Hannah and the Jonas Brothers together singing We Got The Party.
This concert was soooo fun! We saw the Jonas Brothers (Nick, Kevin, and Joe), Hannah Montana, and Miley Cyrus! It was awesome! You know, I've seen 11 famous people and talked to 2 of them! OK, here they are:

-Jeremy Hoop (from The Testaments - I talked to him)

-Nick Jonas

-Kevin Jonas

-Joe Jonas

-Hannah Montana

-Miley Cyrus

-Miley's Grandma (talked to her at the concert!)

-Greg (on the Wiggles -went to the Wiggles Live when I was like 6)

-Anthony (from Wiggles - my favorite!)

-Jeff (from Wiggles)

-Murray (from Wiggles)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Me and American Idol

A conversation that I had with Merek when we were watching American Idol a couple days ago:

(I was joking when I asked this)
Kaya: Merek, do you think I would ever make it on American Idol?
Merek: Psh, NO!
Kaya: Why not?
Merek: Uh...gotta go.

And he took off. What confidence I have now.